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Japanese Apron

  • Reversible
  • No strings or ties
  • Two large pockets

This Japanese reversible apron with its cross back design is the ultimate work apron! This apron is perfect gift for artists, florists, vendors, gardeners and messy people.

This apron is made of two layers of high quality cotton and  cross back design makes this two beautiful aprons in one! If you are looking for a gorgeous apron that works as hard as you, you have found the perfect one! These cotton reversible aprons are also great in the kitchen, BBQ and garden as they protect your clothes and your food.

This apron is handmade and created by me in my studio, I hope that if you do not already wear an apron that it is beautiful enough to inspire you to start wearing one.

Be beautiful, be stylish and love yourself.

Fits women up to size 16.

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