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39 Murdock Lane, Amherst Shore, NS Canada

Why a Stitch Boutique Apron?

bringing beauty to function


Stitch Boutique is a one woman studio located in a small oceanfront community in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Every step is taken to ensure high quality and workmanship in our products; from choosing premium fabrics and threads to handcrafting them in our private studio.

As part of my give back program, 1% of all sales are donated to a local woman's, or animal charity. As every bit helps, and it takes everyone to make a difference.

Sandra Ward

Once upon a time, I was a Torontonian. But then, on vacation to Nova Scotia, I fell in love with the place... and I've never left. Now I live on the beautiful shores of the Northumberland Strait, with red sands for miles, the great expanse of ocean and the wild Atlantic air. On top of that, I get to make beautiful things and tell stories with my artwork.

Fabrics speak to me. Their colours and textures each have something different to say, and when they come together, they tell a beautiful story. I love seeing those tales unfold as I work on a new product, and I love sharing them with people like you. Because of that, I put extra care into each piece I make to make sure they're just right.

I am excited to hear from you if you have any questions for me!

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